Real Estate as an investment tool has always been a sought after means to build wealth.  Just like stocks and bonds, real estate comes with its share of inherent risks and also with great potential to add value to your investment portfolio.  There are as many types of investors as there are investment strategies, but they all share a common ground – they have the potential to increase their net worth well beyond traditional investing methods.

Some homeowners become first-time investors by purchasing a home, live in it for two to five years, and then “move-up” and rent out their first home. Other investors choose to concentrate on rehab and resell properties, where their return on investment is realized soon after renovation.  Still other investors prefer to buy and hold properties capitalizing on the monthly cash flow and appreciation, thereby generating long-term wealth.

I am an investor-friendly agent who understands the many strategies of acquiring and closing complex real estate deals. I am experienced with short sales and REOs and able to find solutions that get to closing.  I use creative financing strategies such as wraps, subject to, seller financing to structure deals and have access to hundreds of investment opportunities. I maintain relations with strategic partners (hard money and private lenders, attorneys, CPAs, lenders, financial planners, appraisers, inspectors, contractors) who are able to act quickly to get these deals done.  I am able to target market specific areas to find deals that meet your specific investment criteria. I am also experienced with 1031 exchanges and using your IRA to create deals that amplify your tax savings.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, opportunities exist for all those who choose to invest in real estate.  I help investors reach their investment goals by facilitating the process from the initial stages until close. By using sound strategies, I can advise any real estate investor on what constitutes a viable investment option in today’s market. Contact me today for more information on how to increase your net worth through real estate.


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